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PASCHA’s chocolate philosophy is based on purity and minimalism – using only what is essential for excellent chocolate and ensuring every ingredient is as pure as possible.  


We do not use any soy lecithin, or nuts, peanuts, milk, butter or dairy, animal fats, preservatives, colorings, or wheat or gluten.  We require any suppliers to Pascha Chocolate to also be free of all of these ingredients in their production.  All of our products are completely free of all major food allergens.  


PASCHA makes 3 strengths of plain unflavored chocolate:  55% Cacao, 70% Cacao and 85% Cacao.  The percentage figure on the bar refers to the proportion of the bar made up from Cacao, so an 85% bar means that 85% of the bar is made up of cocoa solids, the balance being organic cane sugar and a little vanilla bean.   Our 55% bar is therefore our sweetest and our 85% our most bitter, or strongest.  See Chocolate Terms for more explanation.


PASCHA currently makes 5 products with additional ingredients.  We make Chocolate with Goldenberries and Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs.  Both are made with our 55% chocolate formulation, with the addition of the Goldenberries and Cocoa Nibs.  We use the 55% as a base because the added ingredients are somewhat bitter on their own, but they blend very well with the sweetness of our 55% formulation.  We also make a 60% chocolate with Maca, a 70% with Arabica Coffee and a 70% with Lucuma Fruit.


If you have additional flavors you would like to see PASCHA make, please tell us using the Contact Us form.